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Why my croatian loveaffair?

My passion is travelling, my biggest love is Croatia!

Have you ever been hosted by a friend in their home country and discovered the best parts of your trip were the moments when you were experiencing the country like a local? When you found yourself off the beaten track, lost by laughing and singing on local language, sharing traditional meals with locals and not surrounded by the tourists. 

Well consider my croatian loveaffair your personal Croatian connection, your local friend who will curate an experience that you won’t find in Lonely Planet.

We believe memories are made when equal parts of passion, love, freedom, sun and sea, good food and a cheeky shot of rakija come together!


Meet the Founder

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My name is Anita Velican and I spent the first 22 years of life growing up in Zagreb, Croatia. My early childhood memories were made of an aroma of a freshly made pastries and Croatian coffee in the mornings, Sunday family lunches with a juha (soup) as a centrepiece and dad complaining how juha is too hot when it just got off the stove……. followed by the meat roast and potatoes and mum’s homemade apple strudel. It was all seasoned well with lots of music in the house, dancing, laughter and occasional family debate that would end up with even more stronger connections among us.

I loved riding my bike around the neighbourhood and getting dirty, weekend escapes with my mum and dad to a family farm in Hrvatsko Zagorje, picturesque hills area around Zagreb, where we would explore natural thermal spas and remains of the Austrian-Hungarian castles. As any other purger, nick name for people who are native to Zagreb, spending summer vacations on the Adriatic were must and only way to do it.

Exploring and traveling were ingrained in me since the very early ages.  My thirst for travel and adventure saw me follow my heart and leave my home country in 2001 bound for Sydney, Australia where I have been since. I settled and went into a corporate roles in Finance and Human Resources, doing some yoga teaching as a passion project on the side and spending every free moment traveling the globe. Discovering and learning about new cultures I became more appreciative of Croatian way of life.

Having worked in the corporate world for many years, working long hours at the times, I know the importance of the little time you get to spend holidaying. I know how devastating it can be when you invest a lot of money and precious holiday time into trips abroad that don’t go to plan or live up to your expectations. 

​And so it was one evening in Sydney after I had just returned from a month holidaying in Croatia with Aussie friends that the concept of my croatian loveaffair was born. A perfect way to share my love for Croatia, her people, food, customs and proud history with you, ensuring you get to see, taste and breathe in the real Croatia making memories that will last you a lifetime.  


Our Services

Planning any type of travel can be overwhelming and all too often you find yourself following a cookie cutter itinerary that so many others have done before. 

At my croatian loveaffair, we understand those challenges and will develop customised journeys for you through Croatia, blending our love for Croatia with your unique desires to ensure the memories you make are authentic and one of a kind.

Whether you’re looking for an itinerary for your next independent Croatian trip, or a small intimate group escape we can plan it all.

Let us give you a taste of our Croatian love affair, sit back, relax and allow memories to be made.

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Yacht Deck

Travel Planning

Personalized Approach

Planning your personal itinerary can be draining until all the details are found....where do you start your trip, where to end, how long does it take from A to B, where to stay.

At my croatian loveaffair, we work with you to understand what your unique desires are to develop your authentic itinerary and local experiences to suit your personal travel style.

We can both deliver your authentic itinerary, and for you to make your personal booking arrangements, or we can simply take care of it all.

All you have to do is pack and look forward to your unique croatian loveaffair!  

Travel Tips & Advice

Everything you need

Traveling to a new country is exciting and somewhat unfamiliar if you don't have all the information at hand.

No matter what type of travel you choose, rest assured that we will provide all the resources and guidance you need for the perfect trip.

We can assist you with a simple things such as what to bring, when is the best time to go, how to say helloo in Croatian, to more complex things hire a car or take a public transport, cost of tolls, ferry info.


Nothing is too big or too small!

Sailing loveaffair 

One of a kind experience 

Experience our own tailored and personally guided small group (max 10 ppl) sailing trip around spectacular Adriatic coast.

Spend 7 days exploring my Croatian love affair team favorite islands, enjoying sunshine and swims in a crystal clear waters, tasting local delicacies and seeping world class wines chasing a perfect sunset. 

Feel spoiled enjoying an authentic croatian loveaffair of a lifetime. We are sure you will wish to be back again!


Contact Us

At my croatian loveaffair, the sky’s the limit in terms of creating your next travel itinerary. We are looking forward to plan every last detail of your upcoming adventure, so all that’s left for you is to fully live through it.

We might be currently exploring a new local experience or enjoying a cheeky gin & tonic, don't mind if we do, you will soon too.

Send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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